Electromagnetic Waves 1

Автор: Pierre-No?l Favennec

Electromagnetic Waves 1 examines Maxwell’s equations and wave propagation. It presents the scientific bases necessary for any application using electromagnetic fields, and analyzes Maxwell’s equations, their meaning and their resolution for various situations and material environments. These equations are essential for understanding electromagnetism and its derived fields, such as radioelectricity, photonics, geolocation, measurement, telecommunications, medical imaging and radio astronomy. This book also deals with the propagation of electromagnetic, radio and optical waves, and analyzes the complex factors that must be taken into account in order to understand the problems of propagation in a free and confined space. Electromagnetic Waves 1 is a collaborative work, completed only with the invaluable contributions of Ibrahima Sakho, Herv? Sizun and JeanPierre Blot, not to mention the editor, Pierre-No?l Favennec. Aimed at students and engineers, this book provides essential theoretical support for the design and deployment of wireless radio and optical communication systems.