Na-ion Batteries

Автор: Laure Monconduit

This book covers both the fundamental and applied aspects of advanced Na-ion batteries (NIB) which have proven to be a potential challenger to Li-ion batteries. Both the chemistry and design of positive and negative electrode materials are examined. In NIB, the electrolyte is also a crucial part of the batteries and the recent research, showing a possible alternative to classical electrolytes – with the development of ionic liquid-based electrolytes – is also explored. <p>Cycling performance in NIB is also strongly associated with the quality of the electrode-electrolyte interface, where electrolyte degradation takes place; thus, Na-ion Batteries details the recent achievements in furthering knowledge of this interface. Finally, as the ultimate goal is commercialization of this new electrical storage technology, the last chapters are dedicated to the industrial point of view, given by two startup companies, who developed two different NIB chemistries for complementary applications and markets.